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Title: Is the Emax compatible with the FuzinMonster
Post by: brian_ronn on June 16, 2017, 08:29:47 AM

I wonder if the Emax has a compatibility issue with the FuzinMonster SD card.

Have you had success using the FuzinMonster card in your Emax?

I had no problem with the Emax II compatibility with the Fuzinmonster and a 16 GB SD card but with the Emax and the same size SD card I have problems (I know that the Emax will only be able to address 20 MB of the 16 GB SD card).

The FuzinMonster is set at ID 0 with termination on.

The SD card is formattet with a harddisk image, banks and OS HD 1.1 from a pc with Emxp.

I've also tried to format the SD card in the Emax first hand as I did with the Emax II and then create the HD image with Emxp.

With the Emax powering up with the just the floppy drive and the Fuzinmonster card installed I can see that the Emax adresses the FuzinMonster card and the display says "Just a moment". This message stays on until I insert a floppy disc with the OS HD 1.1 or if I leave the floppy disc out of the Emax the Emax times out and the display say "Harddisk error".

When scanning the HD (SD card) I get the message "Defects found in xx bank error" on every stored bank on the SD card.

The FuzinMonster manufacturer says "It seems that pc333 ver. or earlier will not be compatible with the FuzinMonster". What is a later version than pc333?

Any shared knowledge regarding this matter is much appreciated ;-)

Best regards


Title: Re: Is the Emax compatible with the FuzinMonster
Post by: brian_ronn on June 16, 2017, 11:21:49 AM

I tested the same setup with a 1 GB Kinston SD card and I got furher in the process.

When trying to boot from the SD card the Emax actually recognize that there is a "HD" connected and says "Just a moment". But since I'm still not able to copy the OS HD 1.1 software from floppy to the SD card the Emax cannot actually finish the "HD" boot.

Maybe a smaller SD card (128 MB or a 64 MB) will get me to the finishing line.

I'll update when I have further progress......

Stay tuned.

Best regards


Title: Re: Is the Emax compatible with the FuzinMonster
Post by: brian_ronn on June 26, 2017, 11:09:24 AM

Well. I've tried a 32 MB and a 64 MB SD card without more success.

During boot of the Emax the FuzinMonster card is accessed and with the 64 MB card the access light is on longer than with the 32 MB or the 1 and 16 GB card. But the result is the same.

That is dissappointing since I had som progress downsizing the SD card from 16 to 1 GB. But nothing furher.

It seems that the Emax only show access to the card during boot and not when trying to format the SD card or copying the HD 1.1 software to the card.

It seems that the card should be at SCSI ID 0 and with termination jumper on. No other SCSCI ID or termination off makes as much access as the ID 0 and termination on.

Is it really true that the Emax is so much different in its SCSI than the Emax II where the FuzinMonster card works flawlessly?

I know that the Emax is very picky about the compatibility of harddisk. Might that be the real problem?

Anyone who has anything to chip in are welcome.

Have those of you who have succeded installing a SD card reader in the Emax used the SCSC2SD card reader or....? And what size of SD card are you using?

Best regards