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Title: sp1200 new display
Post by: inversion on June 28, 2017, 02:55:42 PM
Hello to all users of this forum

Want to change my old display to a new one and wonder what should i look/watch out for searching on the market ? i heard they rip off hard on ebay.
I also wonder about oled vs vfd. I see that Noritake has biggest popularity on the internet but oleds in theory got better angles,contrast and are cheaper like Winstar.
And how it looks like with the colors ? I like the most arctic or navy blue characters and i heard that you have to make custom foil for that ?
Is it worth to install contrast pot or angles are good for standing/siting position ?
I don't feel comfortable with soldering so i would get it done by a technician.
What display do you use and recommend guys ? Post a photo if You can