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Title: Emax II OS 1.0 Plus needed on floppy
Post by: JMP on November 01, 2017, 12:56:06 PM
Hi all. I have an Emax II Plus with external SCSI port that I'm trying to get working with a ZIP 100. I've read that it can work (have floppy drive to SCSI ID 0, internal HD to SCSI ID 1 and the Zip on ID 5 or 6) but need the Emax OS 1.0 Plus so that I can select the ID of the zip drive from the Emax II using transpose key. 

I have this OS file downloaded from EMXP but cannot get it to save to a DS DD floppy using Omniflop. Can anyone supply me with an Emax II floppy with this OS on it and post to me? Will be happy to pay for it or exchange for literally 100's of EII/Emax soundbanks I've collected and created over the years.