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December 16, 2017, 11:17:12 PM
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 on: November 15, 2017, 03:24:56 PM 
Started by obsoletemachines - Last post by R-M3GA
Looks sweet!
Can you tell me which model # you got from Newhaven?


I love the look of the sky blue one!
The green one looks cool too

Is it possible for you to share the make/model # of these OLED displays?
Hi ! Here is mine :

I ordered my Oled display to Newhaven.

 on: November 13, 2017, 11:12:21 PM 
Started by obsoletemachines - Last post by arnoldorodeo

For anyone installing the CF card...

keep the termination resistors in place as you would for the internal scsi HDD

Terminate on the SCSI Bridge too , before the CF Card

that way you can still use the external scsi too, for a Mac or a CD (1x, 2x, 4x...some x6)

I kept a cf card reader coming from a hs emax 2 rack. Is it a long & hard operation for putting a cf reader into the Emu III ?

 on: November 13, 2017, 11:09:21 PM 
Started by obsoletemachines - Last post by arnoldorodeo
I love the look of the sky blue one!
The green one looks cool too

Is it possible for you to share the make/model # of these OLED displays?
Hi ! Here is mine :

I ordered my Oled display to Newhaven.

 on: November 06, 2017, 02:45:12 AM 
Started by thielou - Last post by thielou
the EIII is not available anymore. Only EIII XS and EIIIXP.

for information only : It has 8 Mo, not 16 Wink
I spent some days to refurbish and get a stable configuration. HD boot problem, I was forced to replace it with an apple compatible one.

 on: November 03, 2017, 09:44:04 AM 
Started by Oleg - Last post by Oleg
Hello, everybody! Where can I find the EIII bank with the preset "Liquid stack" (EII library), or "Expensive" (the latter is for the Emax II) if any ?

 on: November 02, 2017, 01:23:17 PM 
Started by RobyMX - Last post by RobyMX
Hi all,

I'm searching for an Emulator III Output Card for a project.
Please can someone address me where to search?
I'm from Italy.
Thank you very much!

Best regards,

 on: November 02, 2017, 12:02:42 PM 
Started by buchla - Last post by msalmeronc
You can find the haunting pad sound on the Greytsounds Volume 1 CD-ROM available for many classic samplers as well as in their Akai S-900 floppy sound library - there it's called Fairlight II Soundtrax.

This is wrong, IMHO, i just checked (being a preset freak as I am lol!), the preset used is Orch Chords2 in bank Orchestral Chords from the EMU EMulator II original library (disk 65 it seems).

You can listen to the attached mp3 in this message to confirm this (I recorded myself one of the motifs of the JMPSynth demo showcase for this particular patch.) I also upload a little screen capture that shows this bank loaded into my EmuX2 (yep, I love it!)

You’re welcome hehe!  (someone has to do the remaining patch matching as JMPSynth seems out of touch and did not get to complete the list regarding his excellent 2 demo showcases on YouTube...)

Happy Emulating!

 on: November 02, 2017, 11:53:00 AM 
Started by buchla - Last post by msalmeronc
Found it !
Expensive Synth Stack indeed, on UOS volume 2, Synthesizers section.
And the presets are called LIQ STK.
Yes, this sounds really great !



Note that the “usual” Expensive Synth Stack bank contains several incarnations of the “Liquid Stack” stuff, but none of them is “decomposed” so as to e.g. show the pad-like, string-y basis for it. In fact they sound quite similar to each other, the 4 or so patches in the bank, at least when you use it in converted form to soundfonts or EMulator X soft, etc.

Instead there are other versions of this bank around, for instance if you watch one of the EMulator showcases from Youtuber SynthMania you can see he uses 4 variations of Liquid Synth, and the last one is just the pad base. Sounds great for a change!:


(I know, I posted a question to him about this issue, but lacking an answer I put myself to task and browsed thru the available converted libraries to see the truth by myself hehe...) (yeah I am too freak!)

It turned out, the EMAX version of the OMI Universe of Sounds comes with the “varied” bank. If someone out there in the forum reading this wants to try the difference, I can provide him/her with a converted soundfont or whatever. (btw I also programmed a different fifth variation myself touching it a bit with the tools provided by EMulator X2 soft, which is great for some of us lacking real access to a real EMulator!)

See attached mp3 file for a listen to my modified pad element-only Liquid Stack variation. I also attached a little screen capture that shows the preset loaded into my EmuX2.

Some interesting trivia: The usual, say, preset 1 for this, can be clearly heard in the line beginning “Love Resurrection” by Christian pop-rock artist Kim Boyce, see how evident in this link:


Or is it just me who hears the liquid synth patch there? (with some extra stuff layered, I know...)

Well this is my 2cents worth of patch trivia and parafernalia,for now Smiley

Happy Emulating!!

 on: November 02, 2017, 07:54:14 AM 
Started by alka - Last post by msalmeronc
Hey do you know by chance whether there is some obscure bank there entitled something like MISTER E, or DREAMS? I saw this mentioned in some JMPSynth YouTube showcase of EMuII patches...

 on: November 02, 2017, 05:40:23 AM 
Started by msalmeronc - Last post by msalmeronc
Hi there folks! Excellent site, I love it!

Now, i’ve got used to translate original EMu-ii banks using EMXP. I convert them for my own use as a EMulator X software junkie Smiley. (first via .sf2 format)

anyway, I love for example JMPSynth Youtube user channel (I think this great guy used to wander ‘roun this forum in past years), I love his stuff and custom banks, he even got the chance of having UVI use his EMu-ii presets show demos to promote the Emulation software.)

He tended to use several well known patches around those preset showcase videos.

I saw a reference to something like “The Mister E/ Dreams” library, I don’t know which específic library he was referring to and whether it was from EMu or OMI or whatever.

If anyone remembers this

Also I find that some widely known patches e.g. some of the Liquid Stack presets (namely Expensive Synth Stack by OMI (re)naming of banks) don’t sound quite the same as from the users of original hardware showcases. For example Liquid Stack 4 envelopes or filters don’t seem to match for converted sound fonts or emxp-produced versions of it... same thing for the famous “Terminator” patch in bank named SYNTH CHOIR MIX from OMI volume 1. (incorrectly referred by JMP himself as another bank, PRO STRINGS, which holds Mellotron string patch instead.) I had to redo the envelopes and filter, filter env. Amount  etc., fortunately the EMulator X is very very broad and flexible editing-wise.

So, my questions would be:

1- Does anyone know about the aforementioned MISTER E bank?


2- if anyone out there holds several LIQUID STACK versions, please comment on the differences they pose.

Thanks so much in advance and happy E-mulating!

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