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December 16, 2017, 09:47:37 AM
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Author Topic: Introduce Yourself  (Read 67167 times)
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« Reply #120 on: August 31, 2013, 09:21:20 AM »

Hey all-

I'm Steve Mayer. I work in L.A. doing various kinds of music for hire, mostly game music, as well as TV and the occasional film. I'm an avid Emu fan and the EIII is the capstone to my collection. I've read a lot of posts and this is an extremely helpful and intelligent forum, glad to be a member.

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« Reply #121 on: September 01, 2013, 04:24:27 AM »

Welcome to the forum. Looking forward to your comments and any helpful contributions you can add for the rest of us.
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« Reply #122 on: January 07, 2014, 08:49:48 AM »


I'm Rodolphe from Switzerland.
I played in a black metal band 1993 to 1996.

I start with E-mu buying a Emax II but, it burn :-(
I replace it with a EIIIXS 24 Mb before tourning with the band.

I have bought a second hand MPC-60 Akai for replace my Atari ST.

I stop music for more than 10 years, and i restarded view years ago.
I already have my EIIIX and my MPC-60 :-)
I bought 2 E4 Platium (one without RFX).

And finaly view months ago a beautifull EIII 8Mb keyboards.
I have already a TX-802 Yamaha.
I use a A&H mixer Zed-R16 and Genelec 6010.

All the best at everybody, for this new year.


PS I find 8Mb for my EIIIXS views days ago (feb 2014) and now have a 32Mb Cheesy
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« Reply #123 on: March 19, 2014, 08:02:18 PM »

Hello All -

Tom from Boston, MA USA. broadcast/ audio engineer by trade, music hobbyist as time permits.   I was fortunate  to buy on the cheap two EIII Rack units in 2000 from a state of the art digital ( DASH !!) recording studio that operated in the late 1980's and had the two samplers in service for about 18 mos. before shutting down and shelving them. Btw the studio controlled the samplers  with "a wicked fast" Mac IIfx back in the day. Studio 4 midi  and all the Mac Software mentioned in the Forum here.  I imagine that studio's  investment in their EMU system was close to $45K when all said and done! Smaller potatoes, then a Synclavier or Fairlight , I guess.

When I first got the rack units there was very little helpful information about these. I could not find any samples that were reasonably priced or a working version of Alchemy or why  my HD 3.5 disks kept corrupting. And also Classic Macs were still not throwaways all over Ebay and a nubus Audiomedia II card was $500.  So I sold one and put one aside cause I remembered how amazing it sounded  playing The few Northstar samples that were still left on the HD with a KX88 I that studio included  for $100!

 I Just  recently started  using my remaining EIII rack this week.  After reseating the cards and backing up the OS to  the correct DS/DD 3.5 floppies.  Now I have a running unit. The sound  is  really beautiful and this Forum is a Godsend.  Thank to all for kind information and helpful posts. 


EIII Rack  w/ 2.4 OS, 2.0 Firmware, Stock HD, Stock RAM, SCSI ports
Stock EMU III Systems manuals  in binders ( 2)
Mac IIci OS 7.06 80 MB Drive
Alchemy 3.0 ( Thank you for the posts!)
Opcode Editor Librarian original disks

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« Reply #124 on: September 10, 2015, 08:53:15 PM »

My name is Graham Hunter, and I've been an e-mu fan from the day I first played an Emax 2 in a little music store in downtown Calgary in the late 80's.  I couldn't afford it then, but every chance I could I'd sneak down and experiment more with what that keyboard could do.  My first e-mu was an E6400 in the mid-90's, which was quickly followed by a Morpheus.

Now, many years later I live in the Seattle area and I'm employed in the software industry and I've been collecting these wonderful instruments from the past.  Today I received my EIII 8MB rack and am absolutely in love with the pure, rich, smooth, warm, and sheer incredible sound quality.  The EIII libraries that I've owned for decades have new life in them, and on many banks that I loaded today I prefer the sound of the EIII over my E4XT Ultra.
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« Reply #125 on: June 03, 2017, 07:04:06 AM »

My name is Marc.
I've been fiddling with samplers ever since I bought a 1 second luxsound sampler way back.
I have a studio built into a recycled shipping container run entirely on solar power.
I own a wonderfull EIII that myself and my tech have put many many hours into. A true labour of love. One day I'll write about it more to help others here. My EIII has a reconditioned power supply and 2 cf-card readers, new screen and is one of the best I've seen. And yes.. Its a love hate relationship. And... well of course.. Nothing sounds like it! Truly 3d possibly 4d.
The centre of my studio is my Akai MPC 3000 which is my all time favourite bit of gear. I also have a Studio Electronics ATC-1, ASR10, S900, S1100, Publison Infernal Machine, Space Echo and a few other bits n pieces.
I also own a broken EII Sad
Ill rebuild the power supply soon. In fact Im pretty convinced that most of the issues with the EII and EIII are power supply related.
So good to have all this knowledge around for this incredible sampler.
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« Reply #126 on: December 12, 2017, 07:09:36 AM »

Hi, I'm Luca from Italy.

The EIIIXP is my second sampler, bought it in the early 90's.
Featurewise compared to the Mirage the step up was huge as was its price.
Gigging around with it the backlight went awol after a year or so and sometimes the sampler didn't recognize the HDD. So I had to take it apart, like a minute before the show, disconnect and reconnect the SCSI ribbon cable to make it work again. Terrible moments but in a way or another the weird procedure always worked. I almost got used to it...  Smiley
Never understood what the problem was but the situation settled for the good with the third HDD I used in there. That led me to believe the E-MU didn't like some drives or some brands or maybe the problem had something to do with the SCSI termination.
Anyways, wasn't all perfect but I loved it and still love it to this day mainly for the powerful warm voice not too boxy or shiny.

Sometime ago someone was selling an Emax II for cheap, I couldn't resist but I've yet to spend some quality time with it. The analog clock is tempting to me.

It's so good to have this forum, thank you.
Cheers   Smiley
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